The North Hatley Recreational Society suspends its activities at the beach this summer

The Municipality of North Hatley has decided to take over and to manage the activities at the beach.


It is with regret that the members of the Board of Directors of the North Hatley Recreational Society took the decision, on April 11, to reject unanimously the Municipality’s conditions that were imposed concerning its summer activities. See the document “Context leading to the decision to suspend the NHRS activities.”

Because of this refusal, it will suspend all of its activities for the summer and winter periods during the year 2018-2019.

Therefore, we invite our members to disregard the activities described in the previous email.


The NHRS will continue its mission of promoting recreational activities in the community


The NHRS Board of Directors wishes to confirm that, despite this decision to suspend its activities, it intends to pursue with as much energy and enthusiasm as before its mission to contribute to the accessibility of recreational activities to all families of the region.


The Municipality of North Hatley will take over

The terms and conditions of the activities that will be offered at the beach have not yet been established, but the Municipality of North Hatley will - in all likelihood - take over.


We invite our members who wish to obtain more information to communicate directly with the municipality, see:




Board of directors

Mathieu Devinat, president

Michael Munkittrick, secretary

Carrol Haller

Dave Blodgett

Steve Percy

Darryl Williams

Elaine Lebourveau

Kirsta Fidler

John McCrea